Your LightBody Sound Healing session begins when you make an appointment!  I do not use any on-line scheduling as I find one of the most important factors of my service is developing an energetic connection, a rapport, between you and me that brings us into resonance before we even meet.  When you contact me we will discuss your current concerns, and address any questions about the various healing modalities before choosing the one that is best for you. 

You will remain fully clothed during your session. Wear light colored comfortable layers. Feel free to bring a favorite crystal or healing item if you like. 

If you are pregnant please let me know so that I can focus your session on both you and baby.

To schedule your LightBody Sound Healing session please give me a call at 434-242-9513 or email [email protected]

*Please note your first session in either the DreamWeaver or Chakra Chimes & Lights is a “gift-what-you-will” donation*

Individual Session Information:

Introductory Session in either the DreamWeaver or Chakra Chimes are a "pay-what-you-will" donation. A 60-minute session.

DreamWeaver:                                         90-minute session $88.00          (7-12 yo 30-minute session $40.00)

Chakra Chimes & Lights:                    90-minute session $88.00           (7-12 yo 30-minute session $30.00)

Tuning Fork Application:                   60-minute session $66.00          (7-12 yo 30-minute session $30.00)

Reiki Healing:                                           60-minute session $66.00          (7-12 yo 30-minute session $30.00)      (Infant - 6 yo 20-minute session $20.00)

Reiki for Mom & Baby:                          60-minute session $44.00  (infant under 3 months)

Distance Healing:                                   30-minute session $33.00

Crystal Singing Bowls:                         60-minute session $66.00 (additional person $30)

Crystal Singing Bowls Sound Baths for Groups: Held in your home and free to you - reduced cost to participants dependent on number.

Crystal Bowl Sound Baths for groups are also being offered at area yoga studios and various other venues in central Virginia. I will be posting Events on my Home page, or contact me for more information.