To schedule your sound healing session visit . You can also call me at 434-242-9513 or email [email protected]

(If you have a special request for a day/time outside my on-line scheduling please contact me directly.)

Individual Session Information:

DreamWeaver:                                         90-minute session $88.00         

Chakra Chimes & Lights:                    90-minute session $88.00           

Tuning Fork Application:                   60-minute session $66.00          )

Crystal Singing Bowls:                         60-minute session $66.00 (additional person $30)

Crystal Singing Bowls Sound Baths for Groups: Held in your home and free to you - reduced cost to participants dependent on number (minimum 8-10).

Crystal Bowl Sound Baths for groups are also being offered at area yoga studios and various other venues in central Virginia. I will be posting Events on my Home page, or contact me for more information.