Sound healing for your mind, body, emotion & spirit.

Delight in the Full-Body Experience of Sound Healing Therapy* !

Discover the transformational healing effects of Sound, Light & Color! Experience state-of-the-art sound healing modalities that will transport you on your personal healing journey into  deep relaxation, stress release, and self-exploration. Deeply restorative, sound healing is a gentle noninvasive healing modality suitable for all ages and conditions. Private and group experiences available.

*Sound Therapy is recognized by the International Institute for Complementary Therapists and the Complementary Medical Association

Upcoming Classes, Workshops & Events  

Crystal Tones Alchemy Singing Bowls Sound Bath

Come join us for an hour of immersion into the vibrational healing tones of crystal singing bowls. We will be gathering at various yoga studios in Charlottesville and Ivy, VA for a monthly Sound Bath. Benefits to your brain and body are similar to deep meditation, requiring no effort or experience on your part and bringing a high level of well-being throughout your entire body down to your cellular structure. Deeply restorative to body, mind and spirit, come experience floating on a cosmic ocean of sound!

Leo New Moon.png

August 18 - ACAC Albemarle Square, Sunday, 5:30 - 6:30 PM. Members and Non-Members welcome. Register at ACAC website early! Space is limited and fills up quickly!

July 31 - New Moon in Leo Meditation & Sound Bath at Ivy Yoga 6-7 PM $20 New Moon in Leo~ Our new moon in Leo carries us into our Ancestral connections ~ what is your ancestral inheritance, what are your family loyalty and values? Is there pressure to identify strongly with the family clan? How do we honor our ancestral lineage while still pursuing our personal path?

The Star Praesepe, known as the Spirit of Ancestors by the Ancients, will support our exploration of ancestral / family lineage & inheritance, assisting us to gather what is of value and releasing any unhealthy or undesirable behaviors.

With reverence towards our Ancestors, we will connect with their Spirits as guides and the ancestral wisdom & confidence they offer to us.

If you desire, bring extra materials/props to support your comfort during the sound bath…eye-pad, cover, mat, whatever will help you more deeply settle in. 

Blessings in Love, Light & Harmony, Ai'iA Criostiona 

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Lights for Liberty July 12, 2019

Thank you to All who participated in this International event! We came together 500 strong in C’ville! Let’s keep the Lights burning bright!

Join us as we gather at the Charlottesville Free Speech Wall to raise awareness around the refugee detention camps in the United States. There will be a candle light vigil and a moment of silence at 9 PM. Join us in peaceful action as we work to reunite children with their families and close these facilities.