Scheduling an appointment for a sound healing session is easy! Just call my cell phone 434-242-9513 or email me at [email protected]

We will explore what issues or areas of concern you are dealing with right now and decide which modality would be best suited to your current needs.

(See section under “Appointments” for session time and cost.)


DreamWeaver : A dynamic healing modality designed to move you quickly into the heart of a problem or concern, unpack any blocked or stagnant energy and re-energize or balance your energy bodies. You will feel relaxed and invigorated! Float on waves of sound and vibration in the DreamWeaver. The system consists of a vibroacoustic mat with built in sound and vibration that provides a "musical massage"!

As the music and vibration move through your body you will experience deep release of tension that promotes your relaxation and stress reduction. Peace of mind naturally flows from this healing modality and is enhanced by the sacred geometric copper dodecahedron.

Provides healing at all levels of the energy bodies. Effective for past-life and current issues of concern, physical & emotional trauma and distress, and spiritual transformation.  

 Highly effective for stress release, life direction decisions, ADHD, past-life / karmic issues, life and relationship re-patterning, access to higher spiritual dimensions.

Crystal Tones Alchemy Singing Bowls: Experience a Sound Bath produced by the highest quality crystal singing bowls on Earth! 

Crystalline tones will surround you, creating a beautiful soundscape to soothe your body, mind and spirit. Singing bowls have been used for centuries to raise consciousness, release tension, increase awareness, and enhance physical well-being. Deeply relaxing and restorative, you will float on an ocean of sound vibration.

Benefits to your brain and body are similar to deep meditation, requiring no effort or experience on your part and bringing a high level of well-being, integrated throughout your entire body down to your cellular structure.

Crystal tones will bring you to your highest level of well-being throughout your entire body down to the DNA structure and activating your LightBody!

Tama-Do Chakra Chimes & Colored Light Therapy: A magnificent instrument incorporating 7-metal chimes tuned to the resonance of your chakra system and the associated vibrant chakra color. 

As you lie on the treatment table the chimes are played gently over you. The sound and color work with your physical, emotional and mental bodies by creating a whirlpool of energy which integrates healing at all  depths of your Being, bringing harmony to your body, mind and spirit. You will hear and feel the beautiful sounds and harmonics of the chimes as they "re-sound" your body's energy centers to their perfect resonance. Colored lights add additional healing frequencies to enhance the sound for a greater harmonizing effect. Tuned for healing the physical and the astral bodies the chimes "bridge" the energy bodies of physical and non-physical, conscious to unconscious mind.

 Deep relaxation, integration of Body & Mind, re-harmonizes energy bodies, healing at cellular level physical & emotional wounds, hear your Soul Song!

Acupressure Tuning Forks:  Tuning forks can have an effect equal to acupuncture needles. Bridging the physical and astral energy bodies tuning forks heal at both levels (body and emotion). Perfect for "tuning" one to a higher harmonious vibration. Created by Fabien Maman the "Father of Sound Healing", these tuning forks are the highest quality available. Choose from Meridian Energy Balancing, Musical Spine, and Seasonal Harmonizing  techniques. Feel the tones!

 Relax~Release~Harmonize~Energize ... feel the tones resonate within your body. Vibrational medicine to restore your balance and well-being.

Distance Healing Session: Distance Healing is tapping into the quantum physics theory that everything is connected to "All that Is" all the time! In a Distance healing session you will be "sent" the vibrational energies of a sound healing session while you recline in the privacy of your personal space. During the session, we will "connect" energetically and you will "receive" the vibrational waves of sound, reiki, mantra, toning & prayer. An amazing experience!

Usui Reiki Session: Ancient tradition of  energetic healing in a relaxed, warm, clothed session. Gentle laying on of hands soothes your body/mind energies to allow deep relaxation and integration. Like a warm bath or a lullaby, Reiki brings peace to mind & body.