"Aiia's sound healing is subtle and deeply shifting. She uses sound to heal the deeper self. Calming and balancing areas of the self not easily found through the mind but deeply accessible though sound.  A wonderful modality, a gift to have her here in Charlottesville. "   Caludia S.

"I experienced a profound sound healing from  AiiA Criostiona .... I found her integrity second to none!"  Jackie Q, author and sound healer, Galway, Ireland

"Resonation, harmony, healing. Thank you, AiiA for strongly holding a soft presence, and sharing your knowledge and unique tools to work with vibration. An amazing experience."  Beth Ann, massage therapist & healing practitioner

"I recently started to open myself to new methods of healing and tried this therapy (DreamWeaver). I was exhausted and expected to relax and recharge, but after discussion I was convinced to let AiiA try a different approach. I came away from the visit with renewed energy and ready to take on challenges that I had no interest in prior to the session. I recommend discussion and follow the lead given, and I hope this works for you too."  Nick H.

"My body became one with the sound. It was like my body was liquid and peaceful. A wonderful experience." Shirley C.

"Very subtle vibration throughout my body the entire time, flowing down my body when all [the chakra] chimes were resonating simultaneously."  Sylvia

"This was a very powerful experience for me. I started vibrating once I walked into the healing space; I felt heavy and then light and could almost feel my cells re-arranging themselves within my body, with different tones corresponding to different body areas. I didn't realize how much unwanted type of energy I had within me until I got here and it started to leave my body. Tuning the chakras brought me back into balance and grounded me in the right energy, it opened my heart & mind and brought me back into myself without all the negativity that was there before [my session]. This was an absolutely amazing experience which brought me so much awareness ." Megan R.

"First entering the DreamWeaver I felt my vibration many times higher...like I would go off into another space. I wanted to stay longer. I felt so peaceful."   Veronique 

"The best way I can describe it is that I felt safe and contained. Fear was gone, and fear is normally with me. "Contained" is the word that keeps coming to mind. ...the music going through me, and a feeling of great safety at a time in my life when a reminder that I am safe, cared for, and contained is exactly what I needed!"  Louisa L.

"Wow! My Spirit soared in the form of a hawk...I was close to the sun, the sky was my Heaven - I felt all powerful and Divine. i was One with All!"  Sarah K.

"My experience was amazingly powerful, safe, moving me gently through a process that I felt was just right for me. It felt like the sound underneath me (DreamWeaver vibroacostic mat) gave me great support, the low tones connected me to my rooting urges right now and my heart got warm and clear. My throat got tight, tears would have been next but there was an inner knowing that joy and wholeness were the end result. I can see how useful this [modality] is in working with people who are open to creating change in their life in a loving, rapid way." AW

"I always doubt that I will "feel" anything ~ [but] as I accepted the movement of the sound, which was partially a light show - I felt as if I were floating on an air ...riding over the water  - this doesn't really convey the pleasant sensation!" Kristina

"The (reiki) touch on my body was very soothing." Anja

"Joy - excitement - my heart beat faster and stronger. I felt my pulse strongly in my fingertips. My body became hot and especially my hands. Very aware of my breathing - more even and deep than normal. I love this!"  (Participant at a DreamWeaver intro after experiencing just one song!)

"My [intention for the healing session] was for cellular release on my physical level and molecular restructuring to facilitate higher dimensional work on all energy levels. Beautiful joyfulness and light. Clearing of throat and third eye chakras. I felt tremendous Lightness and happiness." Gulaba

"Afraid of not being accepted. Suddenly as I took a breath of the aroma [therapy] I heard Great Mystery saying, "The longing is because I have accepted you, but you haven't accepted you as you truly are." I suddenly felt as if I was dancing and the entire universe was with me and my tears were tears of radiant joy and love. Deep gratitude."  GG