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LightBody Sound Healing Studio

A space that  has been created to provide the ultimate in sound healing sessions.

Filled with the extraordinary healing systems and modalities  I use to provide personalized services.

Sacred geometry, crystal singing bowls, seven-metal chimes, colored lights and scarves, crystals, essences, and sacred images, this space surrounds you with high vibrational  healing energies. 

Daily meditation, chanting, sacred music, toning and crystal cleansing enhances and maintains the high energies of this healing space. 




DreamWeaver : Sound & Sacred Geometry

 Float on waves of sound and vibration in the DreamWeaver. The system consists of a vibroacoustic mat with built in sound and vibration that provides a

"Musical Massage"!

As the music and vibration move through your body you will experience deep release of tension that promotes your relaxation and stress reduction. Peace of mind naturally flows from this healing modality and is enhanced by the sacred geometric copper dodecahedron.

The DreamWeaver provides healing at all levels of your energy bodies. Effective for past-life and current issues of concern, physical & emotional trauma and distress, and spiritual transformation.  

(The DreamWeaver is the creation of sacred scientist Benedick Howard)



Tama-Do Chakra Chimes & Color Lights

Bathe in Sound & Color Vibration!

A magnificent instrument incorporating 7-metal chimes tuned to the resonance of your chakra system and the associated vibrant chakra color. 

As you lie  comfortably on the table the chimes are played gently over you. The sound and color work with your physical, emotional and mental bodies by creating a whirlpool of energy which integrates healing at all  depths of your Being, bringing harmony to your body, mind and spirit. 

Deeply relaxing this sound system will leave you feeling restful, peaceful and "harmonized".

     (Tama-Do and The Academy of Sound, Color & Movement are the creation of Fabien Maman)